Alex Kidd In Miracle World on PSN / Xbox Live…!

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Classic Gaming, Gaming News
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I just couldn’t resist when i heard news of this all-time classic was going to be released on PSN. I went & bought it on the first few days of its release on the PlayStation Store. For those that may not remember, this game was originally released for the SEGA Master System way back in 1986 (26 years ago), It was the first Alex Kidd game to be released on the system & arguably the best in the series & one of the best games ever made for the Master System.

The story follows Alex on a journey to try & save his kidnapped brother from an evil enemy known as Janken the Great… Also Alex is placed with the task of restoring piece & tranquility to his homeland of Radaxian. On his travels Alex has a unique ability to be able to smash rocks with his fists & he also comes into contact with various end of level enemies were he is required to play & try to win the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to proceed…


I first played this game when i was about 12, It is for me personally one of the best games that i have ever played & was well ahead of its time for the old 8 bit Master System. I would literally play this for hours always trying to perfect the knowledge of knowing all of the enemy positions & trying to remember all of the correct selections to try & win the Rock, Paper & Scissors games. I would have to write the selections down on paper as i played it to have any real chance of remembering, (long before the days were we had easy access to the internet to get tips to help you through games when you were really stuck,) we didn’t have that luxury, so you would find yourself playing through the game about 100 times over until you would be able to get far enough to have any chance of completing it…

I really enjoyed playing this classic again once i had purchased it from the PlayStation Store & i had been playing it a few times before i released i could actually save the game at anytime & when i got to the first Rock, Paper, Scissors match i failed miserably, losing all of my lives lol… An excellent piece of gaming history that should be taken into consideration for fans & gamers who have never played it before, a must….


Below is a video of gameplay footage from this all-time classic…

  1. digvoldi says:

    bought my first master system II just for this game alone. good times

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