Virtua Fighter 5 PS3

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Games Currently being Played, Gaming News

I have recently begun playing Virtua Fighter 5 on PS3. I was able to download the new updated version of the game from the PlayStation Network (PSN), i got it for free as i am a PS Plus subscriber… I briefly played the 1st Virtua Fighter game in the arcades years ago, but never played any of the other sequels until this. Haven’t played many fighting games for awhile now so it was i good idea to try something different, & first impressions are quite good, the graphics similar to a typical Sega style arcade game but work well.

The controls can be a bit confusing at first, (I’m usually a Mortal Kombat player) but once you get into it you can pull off some really good moves & combos that can inflict heavy amounts of damage to the opponent. There are plenty of characters to choose from each with their own individual move sets & costumes etc… enough to keep players happy for awhile. You can play through the usual practice & arcade modes, but new modes have also been added, score attack, were players thrive to gain the highest amount of points to display on the online leader-boards etc & licence mode were players are given certain tasks to try & complete as they fight through each round. The online mode isn’t too bad either with a good mix of novice & experienced players regularly playing, you will definitely know when you meet an experienced player as they will destroy you…

My only really argument with the game would be the achievements list, there is a good mix available but most of them are extremely easy to obtain, thought that there would be a bit more of challenge with them, the one i think that most people would have most problems with would be getting a 5 – hit combo in score attack & complete 10 licence challenges… It is a good fighting game & is worth a try for any fighting game fans out there, & anyone who has a PS Plus subscription definitely should give it a go, especially when you are currently getting it for free for the next few weeks anyway until the offer ends…


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