Analogue: A Hate Story, Game Review

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Game Reviews

Game Overview

Analogue A Hate Story is a 2012 nominee for the national Indie Cade (Independent) games festival held in Los Angeles California from the 4th to the 7th of October.  The game itself is an interactive science fiction graphic novel were the player is assigned the task of reading and acquiring various  levels of information from hacking terminals to reading emails etc to try and understand the events that have taken place onboard a large derelict space ship that has been missing for thousands of years.  Players will over the course of the game be given choices that will affect different outcomes as you progress through the story later on. You will gain a large insight to the background of the various characters that inhabited the ship and that the computer A.I plays a large role to the main outcome of the game.

Game Story Concept

The story of the game begins with a derelict ship that reappears within the space orbital system that has been missing for thousands of years and it has been surrounded by various mysteries and stories about what happened to it and its crew for generations. The player then takes on the roll of boarding the ship and the main mission is to try and retrieve any information regarding the last known whereabouts of the captain and the rest of the ships crew to try to determine how the ship actually disappeared. Once onboard the ship the player is given access to a computer terminal and once it is online they will be met by the first of two A.I (Artificial Intelligence) personalities that will help guide you through the game accessing various different files & emails etc to read to gain more knowledge and a better insight as to what actually happened on the ship. As you progress throughout the story you will eventually find out that the main A.I character that is helping you out is in fact one of the games main characters (The Pale Bride) that is mentioned a lot from reading most of the information that you come across which adds an unusual twist to the game. You find out that she was brought up to be wed by the emperor (ship’s captain) when she turns 18. The story then kind of skips ahead & reveals that the pale bride had been put in a cryogenic sleep & was woken up centuries later by the emperor’s family descendents & was held like a prisoner to be confined only to her own living quarters & wasn’t allowed to venture out to the rest of the ship.


Upon starting the game for the first time you (the player) will instantly gain access to a computer terminal that you must hack into. It can be quite difficult to understand what to do at first but there will be onscreen hints available to assist players with trying to access the main terminal. Once logged in, different computer A.I characters will be available to assist the player with organising and understanding the information that will be read to help the progression of the story. Players will mainly interact with the use of the mouse to navigate though the menus & options that will be available in the game, when using the computer terminal mode however, the keyboard is used to input commands, codes etc, that can be used to unlock new content to help with the progression of the story.  You must read through each of the messages that are made available and then gain feedback for each from the computer A.I under the show messages tab on screen so that it can access more files and give players more insight as to the events that unfold of the ships crew. You will find from playing the game for a while that the computer A.I has a huge role in the later outcomes and decisions that revolve around one the stories main characters known as the Pale Bride that you will later find out that it is her that is helping you all along… There is a lot of reading to be done throughout the entire course of the game. All the reading of information leads to the various outcomes of the story to help you progress, but this can get repetitive as this is the main aspect of the game.


A good concept for a game that actually has quite an immersive storyline the more you delve into it. There is some really nice character drawings and animation to give the game a real sci-fi atmosphere. The game is easy to get to grips with the main method of control and navigation mainly being with the mouse to click and scroll through the menus, options and information. This can however become quite repetitive after a while as this is mainly all you will find yourself doing throughout the course of the game. Also using the terminal aspect at various stages can be quite intimidating especially at the start of the game as there are very few hints available as to what to actually do which can leave some players becoming increasingly frustrated very quickly and leaving the game before they have actually had a chance to get to really play it.

If you like to read science fiction novels however then you will grow to like this game as some of the choices that can be made will affect outcomes and events later in the game which will keep you intrigued as to what will happen next. It is definitely worth trying out especially if you are new to interactive fiction novel game. It is kind of like reading a good book, once you get familiar with the story you will want to try and find out more.  There is a good educational aspect to the game also with regards to the reading of information to help determine the events of the story. It is quite a different approach to a game that is not often seen and it shows you the idea that not all games have to be all action orientated, run and gun, jump etc, they can be somewhat successful without these concepts and can cater for a different following of gamers…

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