Jetpack Joyride Game Review

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Gaming News

jet pack joyride

Jetpack Joyride from half-brick studios sees its protagonist Barry Steakfries break into a secret laboratory to steal a prototype jetpack & use it to try & escape the facility. While trying to escape Barry must try & avoid all sorts of obstacles from laser beams to missiles etc along the way…

The game is very popular as it is currently available on all known mobile & gaming formats from, ipad, iphone to all known android  devices etc, the game has also been released on the PS3’s playstation network & PS Vita. The game is currently free to download & play on the PS3 & Vita.

The objective of the game is mainly to see how far you can actually get through the level before you hit one of the many obstacles which is highly inevitable as the game is actually impossible to complete. The game is essentially a side scroller moving from left to right. Your game score is based on the amount of meters that you were able to travel in a game before hitting anything. The speed & difficulty of the game increase the further you are able to get.

There is a levelling system available from completing tasks & missions along the way that can range from travelling a specified distance using a vehicle to hitting & knocking over as many scientists running around as possible.  As an added bonus coins can be collected that can be used to upgrade the characters abilities, get new equipment clothes etc, also large bonus coins appear randomly during play that can be used on a slot machine at the end of the game to give players extra temporary abilities from jumping to a certain distance at the start of a new game, from getting an extra life when you die to allow you to continue or bomb blasts to shoot the character a few meters further after they have been killed to help increase the overall score, extra coins can also be won from the slot machine also. Players do have the option to actually buy more coins & unlockables directly instead of having to play the game for hours for a small fee from the playstation store..

Jetpack Joyride is a highly addictive & fun little game with a simple idea, humorous style cartoon graphics & gameplay that will guarantee hours of play. Well worth a try even if only for a short while…

8 out of 10

Written by Peter Byrne


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