The Last of Us, Review…!

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Gaming News


One word to describe this game… EPIC…! Very few games in this current generation ever really live up to the hype that surrounds it… This game does it perfectly. Having recently completed the campaign mode you are left completely speechless by what you experience as you progress through the story which is probably one of the best ever written for a game that easily matches that of some of the most popular movies of our current time etc….

The game starts off witnessing Joel the main character of the story try to escape to safety with his family during the start of a viral outbreak in his local town. Tragic events occur & lead to the story being picked up 20 years later & the outbreak has spread world wide leaving any remaining survivors to either live in military confinement under 24 hour watch with rules & regulations or are out in the open world to fend for themselves. The world has become a desolate waste ground with infected roaming around everywhere & living people willing & desperate to do anything thing it takes in order to survive. Life in the confinement zone isn’t much better than living on the outside due to the rules & regulations put forth by the military, all people have a curfew & are not allowed out after dark & if caught or doing anything illegal they will be shot & killed on sight…

The story continues with Joel after losing his family during the outbreak working as a smuggler bringing in items etc into the military confinement zone in Boston where he lives with a bunch of other survivors. A job to smuggle weapons into the city goes bad due to a dodgy dealer & then leads Joel & his partner Tess to smuggle an important package out of the city for a rebellion group known as the fireflies. The package that they must smuggle out turns to be a 14 year old girl named Ellie that is actually immune to the virus having been bitten only weeks earlier. Any normal person infected with the virus usually transforms within 24 hours so this could be a break-though could save humankind & the world. It takes some convincing from Tess to get Joel on side for the job of escorting ellie to a meeting place where they are to hand her over to other firefly members so that they might be able to find a cure for the virus.

As the story progresses things take a turn for the worst & tragedies occur leaving Ellie & Joel alone to venture the world while trying to avoid confrontations with any infected & also other living people who are known as hunters that torture & kill others for their belongings etc… Joel & ellie must fight by any means necessary to survive by using a vast selection of weapons that range from melee to guns & explosives etc or they can use stealth by hiding behind objects & staying out of site of both the monsters & hunters & this helps as you progress through the game as there are certain areas where you must take out certain enemies so that a path can be cleared to proceed.

The amazing detail of both the characters & scenery surrounding the world & the environments in this game are visually breathtaking. The detail of each scene from the objects & assets used to the textures of everything is definitely something to behold. It just looks so real & the movie sequences go even further into the visual detail & it looks like you were watching an actual movie or live scene. Developers Naughty Dog really have pushed the entire boundaries to the full extent on the Playstation 3 with this game & it now sets a benchmark for all the next generation of consoles to follow.

As you play the game you become more acquainted with each of the characters & with the story that ensues will leave you feeling very emotional which very few games can do, but this just shows the writing genius & production of developers Naughty Dog. This is without a doubt one of the greatest games of this current generation & one of the best ever made. With stunning visuals & one of the best & emotional stories that has ever been written for a game, The Last of Us has everything & does it extremely well & it will probably never be bettered. It is one of the last major titles to be released on PS3 that will no doubt pave the way for the new generation of consoles & gaming to follow. This is an important game for any true gaming fan out there & if you haven’t gotten round to playing it yet, do so NOW, you’ll be missing out.

An instant classic…!

10 out of 10

Written by Peter Byrne


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