WRC 3 PS Vita Review

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Gaming News


Having recently picked this game up as it was being sold relatively cheap, it was a good opportunity to try it out as there are too few good rally style games about on the games market these days & even less racing games available on the ps vita period…! This game has been around for a few months now & is currently the 3rd entry in the long running wrc rally gaming series on the current generation of video game consoles.

This game is much the same as its ps3 counter part in terms of gameplay mechanics & qualities but suffers slightly from & having identical tracks from both the ps3 version & the arcade spinoff wrc arcade that was released earlier this year. The game also slightly suffers from lower quality textures when compared to the ps3, but still look amazing when viewing the beautiful scenery around each stage in the game. It plays almost exactly the same as the ps3 version so if you have played that, it will be pretty easy to get into from the start. There is no upgrading of parts for each car that can be unlocked for winning races etc & the game can leave some players feeling deflated & annoyed while having to play through different variations of the same track over & over again on each country section.

There are upsides however as the game is actually great to play for a quick bash & the online portion of the game is quite competitive in terms of gaining higher experience points & leader-board ranks while competing against other racers. All in all this not a bad game by any means & is a vast improvement on its predecessor, wrc 2, but there are still times were the game can get very glitchy but if you have the patience to play through each of the campaign classes it is a fairly enjoyable experience…

Worth a go if you manage to get it at a discounted price seeing as though there are very little racers available for the ps vita at this time…

7 out of 10

Written by

Peter Byrne


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