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My name is Peter Byrne. I’m from Ireland & i have been a huge fan of video games for as long as i can remember. I have experience in graphic design creating various different kinds of digital art work, flyers brochures, booklets etc & have some basic knowledge of web design & have recently completed an NFQ level 8 course in Video Game Design in DKIT. My hobbies & interests are, keeping fit, cycling, going to the gym etc, I am also interested in Digital Photography, reading books, comics, computer game magazines, online game articles, drawing & sketching, playing video games & online gaming mainly, socializing with friends & discussing common interests in games we play…

I currently own a Playstation 3, PS Vita & XBOX 360 & i’ll be honest i am a bit of a trophy achievement hunter, i find it a great challenge to try & get the most out of any game…

I have recently set up my own portfolio website to display the projects that i have been working on in college recently, check it out:


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