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Sonic the Hedgehog was released for the SEGA Mega Drive back in 1991 & it became an instant global hit. With the protagonist being a super fast spikey blue hedgehog that had the ability to be able to travel at lightning fast speeds, Sonic soon became the iconic mascot for the SEGA franchise. Super Mario, Nintendo’s main mascot hadn’t really had any competition up until this point, but this game completely changed the whole platform genre of gaming by creating something with such an intense sense of speed & platforming action that would leave players instantly hooked.

The story begins with sonic on a quest to save all of his captured friends & animals that have been captured & transformed into robots by the evil Dr Robotnik. You the player must guide sonic throughout each of the 6 zones in the game destroying the robotic enemies while also avoiding various hazards, spike traps, falling into bottomless pits etc that are situated throughout each level. You must also collect rings throughout your travels to help sonic gain extra lives & gain increased scores at the end of each level. The nostalgic sound of collecting rings will instantly remind players of all those fond memories from their childhood where you would literally play for hours on end until you were able to explore each & every area throughout all the levels. Collecting a certain amount of rings allows for sonic to gain access to the special stage zone at the end of each level, there are 6 in total where sonic must try & obtain all of the chaos emeralds.

There are 3 stages that are situated throughout each zone that sonic must travel through & players will face Dr Robotnik at the end of the 3rd stage of each. Robotnik must be defeated in order to progress. After progressing throughout each zone & defeating all the variations of Robotnik you must then face him one last time in the final zone. There is a real level of atmosphere & sense of achievement from defeating the final boss in this game & completing it. It gives you the player a great feeling of knowing that all of your hard work & persistence has paid off, it is a feeling that is not often seen in many games, even today.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a classic game that has now enjoyed over 20 years of global success & still impresses gaming audiences today with its stunning visuals & dizzyingly insane speeds. This game has gone down in history as one of the best games ever created & is still being enjoyed by gamers of all ages the world over. It is the pinnacle of the series that is yet to be bettered….



Originally released for the arcades in 1987 by SEGA, Super Hang On is one of the definitive all-time arcade racers ever. What started out in an era were arcades were the place to be & were all your money was spent, you can guarantee that this game would have taken up countless hours of your time. The arcade machines for this game even had a motor bike frame for your to sit on to help you steer your bike & you were up against it racing against fellow racers & striving to reach each checkpoint before the time ran out & the difficulty would increase the further you managed to get. It was a very addictive game.

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Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

Released by Sega in 1990, players once again take on the role of Alex Kidd & his adventures take him on a journey to save his kidnapped girlfriend from an evil ninja known as Hanzo. In order to save his girlfriend Alex must enter Shinobi world & utilize his martial arts & weapons skills to defeat the enemies & bosses that stand in is way…

The graphics & visuals seen in the game are bright, very colorful & vibrant. They also capture the look & feel of the original Shinobi games. The game has a very good mix of combat & exploration with lots of items to seek out & hidden areas to explore. The difficulty  increases as you progress through each level which makes for a good overall experience. The controls & mechanics are very different from that of Miracle World, but suites the overall feel of the game as the action is much more frantic… There are only four main levels in total in the game & it can be quite short but there are loads of enemies to defeat, hidden items to find & areas to explore that will keep you busy for a while.

I played this game a lot as a child. It is an excellent game that in my opinion is only bettered by the superb Miracle World, but definitely worth revisiting for any Alex Kidd fan out there…. A classic & one of the best games to ever be released of the Sega Master System…

Below is a video of game-play footage from the game…


I just couldn’t resist when i heard news of this all-time classic was going to be released on PSN. I went & bought it on the first few days of its release on the PlayStation Store. For those that may not remember, this game was originally released for the SEGA Master System way back in 1986 (26 years ago), It was the first Alex Kidd game to be released on the system & arguably the best in the series & one of the best games ever made for the Master System.

The story follows Alex on a journey to try & save his kidnapped brother from an evil enemy known as Janken the Great… Also Alex is placed with the task of restoring piece & tranquility to his homeland of Radaxian. On his travels Alex has a unique ability to be able to smash rocks with his fists & he also comes into contact with various end of level enemies were he is required to play & try to win the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to proceed…


I first played this game when i was about 12, It is for me personally one of the best games that i have ever played & was well ahead of its time for the old 8 bit Master System. I would literally play this for hours always trying to perfect the knowledge of knowing all of the enemy positions & trying to remember all of the correct selections to try & win the Rock, Paper & Scissors games. I would have to write the selections down on paper as i played it to have any real chance of remembering, (long before the days were we had easy access to the internet to get tips to help you through games when you were really stuck,) we didn’t have that luxury, so you would find yourself playing through the game about 100 times over until you would be able to get far enough to have any chance of completing it…

I really enjoyed playing this classic again once i had purchased it from the PlayStation Store & i had been playing it a few times before i released i could actually save the game at anytime & when i got to the first Rock, Paper, Scissors match i failed miserably, losing all of my lives lol… An excellent piece of gaming history that should be taken into consideration for fans & gamers who have never played it before, a must….


Below is a video of gameplay footage from this all-time classic…