Favorite All-time Games

Very difficult to chose as there are so many games that i have played over the years that have given so many fond memories. After a lot of thought i have chosen my top 5  favorite games of all time.. I will start by displaying my number 1 favorite game & work all the the way down to 5 giving my own personal story & experiences from playing them…

1. RESIDENT EVIL, Sony PlayStation

Survival Horror

The story begins with a special forces Unit known as the STARS Alpha team being sent into a remote location of the Arklay mountains just outside Raccoon city to look for their team mates from Bravo team who they had recently lost contact with & hadn’t heard from for hours.  Alpha team eventually find Bravo teams downed helicopter but find no survivors. They go to search & see if they can find any of their team mates but are attacked by a pack of what seems like wild dogs. One of the unit team members  “Joseph Frost” ends up being killed by the pack of dogs leaving the rest of the team, Albert wesker, Barry Burton, Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine to run for there lives. They eventually find an old mansion & decide to try & hide inside only to realize that the worst was yet to come & that they would be trapped in the mansion with no way out.

This game was one of the first that i ever played on the playstation. This game completely changed my whole perspective of how i used to play video games. I was only 14 years old & was staying over at a friends house at the time back in 1996 as he had just gotten a playstation for christmas & it was the very first 3D action game that i ever played & what i game to get started with, having no idea of  how to deal with the constant scares & frights that occurred & hardly being even able to get used to the controls of moving a 3D character around added even more to the suspense & it left me feeling even more terrified with each & every encounter with a zombie that ensued, just as i thought that i had killed it, i could hear the loud groan & see the zombie get back up to lunge at me again, it was definitely an experience that i had never witnessed before from playing a video game.

Even the puzzles at the time were so complex in the game, even my friend hadn’t gotten to far in it either, (he was glad to show the game off but personally I think that he was to scared too play it on his own, ha ha). I remember clearly actually coming home the next day from my friends house & was so excited about getting to play a playstation for the first time, but more importantly playing Resident Evil that i had to tell my brothers & some of my other friends that were there all about this amazing game that i had played, but they just laughed at me & thought that i was making it all up. They wouldn’t believe me for a couple of weeks until one weekend my friend stayed over at my house & took the playstation & the game with him. I eventually had the last laugh as my brothers & other friends gathered round to see the game in action & they were completely blown away by it so much so that everytime my friend called round with his playstation there would be about 10 of us, brothers & friends all gathered around my tiny 14 inch TV in my bedroom to see this excellent game in action. We were hooked & are all still huge fans of the series to this day…

Excellent Memories….!

2. Streets of Rage 2, Sega Mega Drive

Sega Mega Drive Classic

This next game is a classic from back in the days of the Sega Mega Drive. Probably the most improved & successful sequel to any game ever created. Streets of Rage 2 was completely enhanced from the first game in the series with amazing graphics & character animations. The sound effects from the game were amazing but the music soundtrack was awesome & it really complemented the look & feel for the game & was ahead of its time with regards for music used with games in general. Even by today’s standards it is still considered to be one of the best soundtracks to have ever been implemented into a video game.

I personally am a huge fan of this game & i still play it all the time, every opportunity i get. I have very fond memories of playing this game for hours with both my friends & my brothers, we were all huge fans of the game. The game had such an amazing atmosphere that you the player could really get into the feel of the game. It was so satisfying to be able beat people up using crazy special moves that you could only ever dream of & when you eventually got to a boss section in a level the music was so intense that you really get all pumped up for some total mayhem & the satisfaction that you would get from beating the end of level boss was so immense that your adrenaline levels would still be going crazy going on to the next level with sweaty palms holding the controller, you would have to pause the game at the start of the next level to calm yourself down to conserve your energy to be ready to get stuck in again.

It would also be extremely funny when playing with a friend or one of my brothers & we would always accidentally hit or kick each other with the characters while trying to beat up hordes of enemies, we would be getting so into the game that blows were nearly exchanged for real on a few occasions as myself or one of brothers would be playing, it shows you how good the game was & still is as you really could get into playing as the characters to cause as much mayhem as possible. This game is an absolute classic & definitely holds very fond & personal memories for me growing up as a child…

This game is the best around in its beat-em up genre & has still never been bettered even to this day…

3. Super Mario Kart, Super Nintendo

Mario Kart Super Nintendo (SNES)

Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo (SNES) is with out a doubt the best & most addictive multiplayer racing game ever created. The game was split screen & two people could play at any time in different modes either by racing in championship events were you would have to gain as much points as possible from each race to try & become the overall winner or go head to head in a battle game to slug it out shooting turtle shells & laying down banana skins to make the other player crash & if you hit the other player a certain number of times you would win the match. This game has a huge following & considered to be one of the greatest racing games ever on any video game system. It also has had many new enhanced versions that have been created for newer systems such as the Nintendo 64, DS, Wii, 3DS & the new Wii U, they are all excellent versions but have still been surpassed by the original version on the SNES…

When i was about 12 my friend that lived across the street from me had sold his Sega Mega Drive & purchased a SNES. He had a few games & had gotten his hands on this amazing game. This game was so funny & frustrating that you would always come back for more, it was so addictive. Even when i was 13 nearly 14 these where the games to play, before i ever got to play a PlayStation. My friend would stay over at the weekends & my parents would go out for the night & we would set the SNES up on our  big TV in the living room & would play games for hours well into the early hours of the morning, usually about 4 or 5 in the morning, we would play most of the games but spent most of the time playing Super Mario Kart & the laughs we all would have playing this game, we would always be try to cheat each other out of winning a race to the point of you would be about to cross the finish line & whoever was in second place, weather it was my friend or any of my brothers would nearly always get a red turtle from the special items that you could collect through the race & would shoot & hit you to cross the line in first place just when you thought you had won…

Still one of the best games out there to this day & definitely deserves to be one of my all time favorite games because of the great memories & laughs that i got from it over the years…

4. Resident Evil Rebirth, Nintendo Game Cube

Remake of Resident Evil Nintendo GamecubeThere has been a massive resurgence in franchise & High Definition (HD) game remakes over the last few years, all with the intention to enhance & rewrite their original stories, but none of them come anywhere close to Capcoms re-imagining of their hugely successful survival horror game Resident Evil that was released back in 2002 & is now about to enter its tenth anniversary. No other game remake has had such an overhaul & impact on a series than this game. It is twice the size of the original & see players resume the rolls of STARS Alpha TEAM Members Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine. There are more twists & tales that have been added to the story with the implementation of new enemies, puzzles & areas to explore. There is also an added element of interactivity from when a zombie grabs a character that they can have special weapons that can be used from a combat knive, taser & hand grenade to instantly kill enemies. This is a good feature especially when you realize that shooting a zombie multiple times & it won’t fall down, but it ends up getting too close that you cannot escape, when its about about bite & take a large chunk out of you that these special weapons really come into play.

The sense of fear & horror in this game surpasses anything that was seen in previous games in the series & is still one of the scariest around, even games created today struggle to obtain that sense of overall terror & fear that leaves players completely terrified to even walk around a corner or enter a room knowing the fact that a zombie or monster could be standing on the other side waiting for you, walking down a very narrow dimly lit corridor with your characters shadow or that of a lurking zombie reflecting off the walls around you & hearing doors opening & closing in the distance is enough to drive you crazy & hide away anywhere, also it can leave you in such a state that you could have plenty of nightmares & sleepless nights. This game really gets under your skin, Its terrifyingly brilliant.

The graphics are utterly amazing & beautiful, even by today’s standards the graphics of this game look as good if not better than games on new modern systems such as PS3, XBOX 360 etc…

I’ve had plenty of sleepless nights from playing this game over the years, it just makes you feel so uneasy from the experience you get from playing it, that is why it is such an excellent game. I originally bought a GameCube just solely for this game, after a few weeks of playing the hell out of the game & getting the crap scared out of me, i took my GameCube round to my friends house as he had been at me for weeks that he wanted to play the game as he was a huge Resident Evil fan also. He was playing the game every so often he would ask me how to try & solve some of the puzzles etc & i told him that i wasn’t going to spoil the experience for him & there was on point in the game that i will never forget him playing, as he was walking down one of the narrow hallways in the big mansion a door could be heard opening an closing in the distance & as he approached closer one of the doors suddenly blasted open & a zombie sprang out & took a bite out of his character. It just happened so suddenly that we both didn’t expect to see it, it made me jump, but my friend was so into the game that he ended up getting such a huge fright that he dropped the controller on the ground & fell off his seat. It really sacred the life out of him. Its just an example of how terrifying this game really is & still hasn’t been surpassed even to this day….

5. International Track & Field, Sony PlayStation

I just had to add this game to the list. I wasn’t really a big fan of athletics games when i was younger, that was until i played this classic. This is personally for me without a doubt the funniest  multiplayer game i have ever played. It was released back in 1996 by KONAMI on the Sony PlayStation & gives players the chance to play as Olympic athletes through different athletic trails. It was quite easy to pick up & play & the controls were very simple to use. It was a good single player experience, but it was the multiplayer that really brought it in to its own field. With a multi-tap you could connect up to 4 PlayStation controllers at any one time & everyone could play the game at the same time. This made for hours of fun with friends & anyone who was interested in playing it.

Myself, brothers & friends have had so many laughs over the years from playing this game that you couldn’t wait for the next time when everyone would get together just to play it again. It was so funny just to see everyone’s reactions would be when they were trying to complete events & if they failed. You could be pressing the buttons on the controllers like crazy & would still end up being last on the 100 metre sprint event. Even funnier would be the events were you would have to do the long jump & throw the javelin. You would be pressing buttons like crazy & when you went to jump in the long jump event you would only jump about 2 metres & in the javelin would only be able to throw it two feet in front of you. Of course it didn’t help with all your mates around in hysterics laughing at how you would be reacting to the controls & the sound effects both from the commentator & the game itself were & still are very amusing…

I was eventually able to master a technique using the controller when playing on sprinting, hurdles & swimming events that i could literally go super fast to the finish, the only problem is that i would be completely exhausted & couldn’t hold the controller after i was finished an event. My mates would always try to compete with my but more often than not would almost always end up giving up half way through because they could not stop laughing at me & how i was reacting to everything & they would also be mainly laughing at my onscreen characters legs running in a completely over exaggerated fashion, (like as if he had a rocket tied to his behind). They would be moving so fast from the techniques that i was able to use with the controller that everyone would be just in a fit of laughter from seeing what was happening. This game is enough to make anyone wet their pants with laughter, it really is that funny… I actually bought the game again once it became available on the PSN store. I now have it downloaded to my PS3 & will have to look for more opportunities to get my mates round to have a go & laugh your heart out all over again… 


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