My Gaming History

I first began playing video games from the age of 4. I remember my dad taking home an old Amstrad Computer from work & he would let me stay up to watch & play video games with him. At the time i thought that it was great to be allowed to stay up after 9 pm in the evening & i was so excited that i just couldn’t wait to press buttons on the key board to see what would happen. The first games i do actually remember playing were when i was about 5 years old, they were a motor bike racing game called Hang-On & a shooting game called Safari Hunt that used a gun & they were on the Sega Master System. A friend of mine from school had one at the time & i would sometimes go round to his house after school & would play the games for hours. I was hooked i had to nearly be dragged away from the computer by my mum just to get me home. I then couldn’t wait until the next time that i could play them again.

When i was 7 i remember for Christmas my friend that lived across the street from me had got one of the new Amstrad 464 computers & had gotten a few games with it also. I remember it clearly as the games he got were Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, Dizzy & Burning Rubber (Car Racing Game) & they came on the old cassette tapes (real old skool) & i used to regularly call over to his house & we would play games for hours on end. When i was 9 my friend then got a Sega Mega Drive & got a few games with it. The games came in cartridge form like the Sega Master System, the games he got with the system was World Cup Italia 90, Columns, Super Hang-On (All on one cartridge) & a game called Sonic the Hedgehog. It was then from playing Sonic the Hedgehog that i completely became obsessed with video games. The graphics of the games on the Mega Drive were completely beyond anything that i had ever seen at the time & myself & my brothers annoyed my parents to get us one for ages….

We didn’t get a mega drive, but myself & my brothers got a Sega Master System when i was 10 years old, It came with its own version of Sonic the Hedgehog that was built into the console & a cartridge with 3 games, they were Columns, Super Monaco GP & World Soccer. We were all hooked on playing the Master System, it also caused a lot of rows over who was going to get to play it next, i was usually the main culprit & my parents would take the computer away & we wouldn’t get to play it for weeks until we had learned our lesson. It was tough, i was so hooked on playing games that it was all i could think about & couldn’t wait to play it again. After a few weeks of behaving ourselves we would get to play the computer again for a while in the evenings after school, all would be fine for a few weeks then the rows would start again, we learned the hard way to compromise on sharing the computer for everyone. My dad than started playing the Master System & he would play sonic the hedgehog constantly to the point of staying up till all hours & when we would come home from school he would be playing it also. He actually mastered the game to the point that he was always able to clear the levels in the quickest times & get the highest scores & i still haven’t been able to beat the scores even to this day.

I was 14 when i first got to play a PlayStation for the first time & Resident Evil was one of the first games that i ever played on it. It completely changed my whole outlook of gaming in general. My parents would always head out at the weekends & they would give us some pocket money so we would always go to our local video store to rent out a PlayStation for the night, couldn’t wait for the weekends to arrive…! I eventually got a PlayStation of my own when  i was 15. Over the years myself & my brothers played games that much that we ended up with 2 playstations, because the 1st one packed in. We had probably over 200 games for it at one stage, just couldn’t bring myself to sell most of the games for years as they held so many fond & nostalgic memories for me. My brother eventually bought himself a Nintendo 64 & got Golden Eye with it, (One of the best games ever made). He had that for about 2 or 3 years then sold it & bought a Sega Dreamcast, It was a excellent console with some amazing games, The best games i had played on it where Shenmue 1 & 2 which are without a doubt one of the greatest series of games ever created.

I eventually bought myself a PlayStation 2 back in 2001 just to play Grand Theft Auto 3 which is one of my personal favorite & downright funniest games i have ever played & i think that it is easily the best in the series…. I am now 30 years of age & still play video games both classic & new at every opportunity i get, for me personally it is by far my favorite hobby & pastime & am still as passionate about gaming today as i was when i first began playing games all those years ago…

Below is a list of the consoles that i have owned over the years:

Sega Master System 2 Console x 2

ZX Spectrum 48K

Sony PlayStation x 5

Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Gameboy Colour

Super Nintendo

Sega Mega Drive

Nintendo 64

Nintendo DS

Sony PSP

Sony PlayStation 2 x 4

Sony Playstation 3 x 2

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo Wii

Sega Dreamcast

Other various gaming handheld TV systems etc


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